Are you an artist who is just starting your career or an artist who doesn’t know what his painting is worth? The questions are not limited to only new artists, I can testify that virtually every artist who has just completed a work will sit down to estimate the right value of his work, he tries to calculate the cost of making the artwork, the time it took and just how much will be ideal to sell it in the market.

Well, this discussion will be highlighting some importance of appraisals to artworks. An artist may have just finished doing a very good piece of artwork, he puts it out for exhibitions and as interests in the artwork is gotten, he is asked that big question “what does it cost?”, an artist may want to avoid placing too high a price on the painting, nursing the fears that the price may scare away interest in the painting, while still trying to be modest in the price he sets on the painting, he may end up putting a price too low on the artwork and he ends up either selling little due to the price or selling it faster because it’s just too good for the rate. In order to avoid that incidence caused by indecision, the first thing to do after an artwork is ready is the appraisals; these will give you an idea of what you artwork is worth.

Just as appraisals are an important part of selling buildings, wears and gadgets, art appraisals can be very beneficial and protective to your work. How does it protect your work you may wonder? For a certainty, times change, people improve and sometimes our artworks may be lost or damaged, these are situations where our work is protected, you will have insurance claims in events of damages to your works and the same is also true if you lose your work. In situations of copyright infringement and piracy, you will be able to protect your work when you have up-to-date appraisals on the artwork. So we are now learning that appraisals are done continuously, that is what brings you up-to-date with the present value of your artwork.

Since we have seen reasons why appraisals are beneficial, it is only fitting to also touch on how to get these appraisals done. There are people called art appraisers, just as in every industry, there are people who have the primary responsibility of valuing assets and setting the right price tags on properties and objects, for example footballers have scouts and builders have people who are trained specially for the purpose of rating buildings and facilities, we also have art appraisers who conduct genuine appraisals on artworks. In countries like the United States of America, Canada, France and Spain, associations for people who are either practicing or those who are interested in getting certified as art appraisers are formed. This associations conduct extensive training programs to help its members develop in the field of art appraisals. You don’t have to be worried as this organizations certify only the best hands to do your appraisals, so the next time you seek an art appraiser, try to see their certification and license, if they can provide that, you should be rest assured that you will get a quality and unbiased appraisal of your artwork.

You should also know what appraisals are looking for in a very good artwork, an appraiser looks at the quality, the weight, the design and style of your artworks when conducting an appraisal, they put in consideration the time it took to complete it and the overall cost of making the artwork. If you want a cheaper and faster appraisal service, then you can search online for some appraisers that are willing to deliver quality appraisals in a timely manner.