An art gallery is a building or a space that is used solely for the exhibition of art works, art performances, music concepts or poetry readings. Though art galleries may be used to host most art events, our primary concern in this article will be the displaying and exhibition of Arts.

When we say the exhibition of art, we are talking of arts like watercolors, collages, prints, artist books, photographs, drawings, sculptures and engravings. Majority of renowned galleries are commercial enterprises that have been set up for the sale of art works, and sometimes can be used to exhibit borrowed arts. Most of all these galleries that exhibit and sell paintings have been built in urban cities, those we find in the smaller cities don’t always sell or display paintings for entertainment, they are used for exhibiting the paintings of local artists.

One usual sight in some of the galleries is hangings of portraits and wall designs, some also have passageways that are designed with different kinds of sculptures. The best place for us to get quality artworks are the art galleries, because they collect arts and paintings from trusted sources. Something that is most often noticed is the rate at which these paintings and artworks are sold, they are much more costlier than most art sellers who sell in private stores, but in contrast with the private stores, the art galleries are easier to be held responsible in terms of copyright infringements and piracy, and so they try their possible best to give all their sellers the best artworks.

Not every art lover will be able to visit the online art stores to get artworks, not every art lover is comfortable with going online to get the desired piece of artwork, some just have an inborn reservation about procuring arts online were all you ever get to see are the images of the arts you are buying, but when these people visit the art galleries, they can touch, feel and see anything they want even before paying. Many have seen this option to be even more trusted, and though they may have to incur extra costs, it is nothing when compared to the risks they may undertake when they try to get paintings from just any source online. Any artwork that is gotten from the art galleries are sure to be tested for authenticity, so you should take extra cash while visiting the art gallery as you will be paying for quality, and as you know, quality is costly. Lets now see the types of galleries that we have, we will also see some things that makes each of the mentioned galleries different and which ones are meant to satisfy our needs at each particular time.

Museum Art Galleries: in every museum, there are rooms or spaces that are used to store and display artworks for the viewing pleasure of visitors, all the art galleries in museums are not meant for any commercial purposes, they are meant to store the artworks of artists for exhibition.

Contemporary Art Galleries: this is a term that is most likely used to describe art galleries that are for commercial purposes, all arts that are displayed are on sale and when a person wants to buy a piece of artwork, this is a likely destination.

Vanity Galleries: all these types of galleries charge fees from artists to show their works, these galleries organize art shows and different events to show the artworks of artists. Vanity galleries are described as being like television stations and newspaper houses that advertise people’s goods and services after being paid a specific fee. 

Having touched on the three main types of art galleries, we must have been able to learn some things about each of the galleries, so if we want to exhibit our artworks or buy new ones, we now know the right place to go.