At this stage, seller’s item will be in our care. We will carefully inspect your item, photograph and document them for us to give the precise details on our website. This is another service that we offer for the buyers to entrust us with their bids. We have a team of experts that will thoroughly examine art pieces and other items. Our Auctions will be curated by our team of professionals.


“White Glove Service” Our handling experts will collect their items and ensure proper care and safety in our storage room. Why do we suggest we keep your items? This is for our Viewing Service. Buyers will be able to set viewing appointments with us before bidding.


Atelier Auction provides you a top-notch, secured storage room with humidity and temperature control system. We can store up to 250 paintings and other items. We would be glad to offer a free storage service of your item for an agreed duration. Consignment forms, agreement and contracts will be provided to guarantee a smooth relationship between us and our Sellers.


With the help of our marketing team, we have numerous members of art collectors / buyers in our website. We send them our newsletters to keep them updated on our ongoing and future auctions. When a seller entrusts us with their item, they will be guaranteed that their items will be well appreciated by our buyer audience. With our responsive and friendly staff, we keep a close relationship with both our sellers and buyers to have a smooth and easy transaction.