Inspect At this stage, seller’s item will be in our care. We will carefully inspect your item, photograph and document them for us to give the precise details on our website. This is another service that we offer for the buyers to entrust us with their bids. We have a team of experts that will […]


Are you an artist who is just starting your career or an artist who doesn’t know what his painting is worth? The questions are not limited to only new artists, I can testify that virtually every artist who has just completed a work will sit down to estimate the right value of his work, he […]

Art Gallery

An art gallery is a building or a space that is used solely for the exhibition of art works, art performances, music concepts or poetry readings. Though art galleries may be used to host most art events, our primary concern in this article will be the displaying and exhibition of Arts. When we say the […]

Avant-Garde Art Pieces

Avant-garde, when translated means an advanced guard or a vanguard; this is used to describe a style of artwork, an artist or a technique that is significantly ahead of others. When an artist produces a better work of art, or he paints in a more expressive, inventive and neat style that is much different from […]