Art lovers, art collectors and art buyers are people you will always find at art stores, art galleries and museums; they regularly patronize these places to get different kinds of artworks and to see new ones. It isn’t addiction; it is just an undying love for something. There are sometimes that I wished that I was earning unlimited income while still being able to have unlimited time to do things I love to do, using the unlimited income to purchase unlimited artworks is something I fantasize about, but funny enough, I have seen that it is only one of the both that I can get, either unlimited income with little or no time or unlimited time with little or no income, so I decided to weigh both of the options and I settled for the former. But still, I am a diehard lover of arts; I just wished I could be at every auction, at every gallery and at every store to see the latest artworks and to buy the most appealing to me. I didn’t have time to visit my favorite art places and I was feeling left out in the world of arts until there came the internet, the internet has ignited my passion in arts of all kinds, and not just in arts alone, but also in everything my busy schedule has not permitted me to do. The internet is a capable alternative to being physically present at art shows and galleries; you can get all what you want at reduced rates from any online art store. So does it now matter if I am at the stores offline or online? The most important fact is that I have been able to achieve the same goal; I have been able to purchase the same lovely arts, the same quality of paintings, sculptures and engravings.

In the last five years, there has been a massive rise in the rate at which people go online for their artworks, just six years ago, the number of purchases of artworks online was below 5 percent, but today, 70 percent of all artworks are being sold online; so this statistics simply signifies that more people are joining the online bandwagon. I have come to see that buying art online does not cost as much and you get exposed to even more designs and types of artworks. What do I mean by these two points just raised?

COST: visiting local art stores can be quite costly, not to talk of those who have to travel some distance to be able to get the types of artworks they want. Are you planning to use your own automobiles or a public transportation system? Then I think you should know that the cost of that artwork you want to procure is not only the amount you buy it; the cost of getting that artwork is inclusive of the cost of transit (public/private), the risk you faced and the energy used. So it will not be wrong if we conclude that the rate you bought the artwork is not just the money spent there; the cost of acquiring that artwork is inclusive of everything you must have sacrificed to get that artwork. Can you now see the wisdom displayed by online art buyers? Not only will you be able to purchase your desired artwork from your home, your office desk or even in transit, it will be delivered to your preferred address. So why don’t you get a cup of coffee and let’s start browsing.

EXPOSURE: for a certainty, all the designs and types of art you find in your locality are done by artists who live around or nearby, maybe somewhere in your country. Should you decide to buy arts online, then I can personally guarantee you that you will get exposed to artistic works of artists from every corner of the world, you will see designs from the broader perspective and you will have many options to choose from. So I will say buyers of artworks online are really doing a very creative piece of business.